WORK BOOT DOCTOR™ Instructions

Step 1. Make sure boots are completely dry and free of mud, grease, or other materials that would affect the application of this product.

Tip: If you are working on a non steel toe boot, it is important to stuff the toe of the boot with newspaper or a small towel to provide a firm work area.

Tip: If you are repairing an area of the boot other than the toe cap, trim the supplied leather patch to fit the area in need of repair. It is important to round the corners of the patch as this will reduce the possibility of the patch peeling up.

Step 2. Place the toe cap or patch on the boot to ensure a proper fit. Once the toe cap or patch is in the desired position, use a pen or pencil to mark the area to be repaired or protected. See FIG. 1

Tip: If the toe cap does not fit properly, additional trimming is required.  Using a pair of scissors, trim the leather a little at a time checking the fit often.  Once the desired fit is reached, proceed with the application.

Figure 1

Fig 1

Step 3. With the supplied sand paper thoroughly sand the marked area of the boot to roughen the surface. This will ensure the toe cap or patch will bond properly.  See FIG. 2

Tip: If you are repairing a pair of boots with toe damage, a filler piece of leather is recommended to be cut from the one supplied in the kit.  The piece should fit snuggly inside the damaged area of the boot.  Apply one coat of adhesive to the boot and to the filler piece, then apply.   


 Figure 2

Fig 2

Step 4. Re-mark the area of the boot to be repaired or protected, using the supplied masking tape apply the tape about 1/8" outside of the outline. See FIG. 3

Step 5. Apply two coats of the supplied adhesive to both the boot and the backside of the toe cap or patch. The adhesive should be slightly tacky before the second coat is applied.

Step 6. Once the second coat of adhesive is slightly tacky, position the toe cap or patch on the boot and apply pressure from the center working out toward the edges to ensure a good bond.

Step 7. Remove the masking tape and let the boot sit for 12 hrs. See FIG. 4

Tip: Save remainder of the kit for future repairs. In the event that the toe cap or patch should start to peel, sand the area and apply adhesive to reattach the leather.


Fig 3

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Fig 4